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February 14, 2008


Francis P. Maglio

I wanted to thank everyone for help in ordering and super service and prompt delivery. We purchased an extra hose system for the second floor of our home and it was easy and delightful to work with knowledgeable folks who were helpful and real pros. Thanks for a great product. Regards, F.P.Maglio

Danielle Larsen

Rencently bought an Imperium CV 3200 with Nutone hoses (home already plummed and wired for central vacuum). The first week of use it stopped working. Checked the dirt canister and it was filled with about 2 cubic feet of dirt and carpet fuzz. I thought our old upright vacuum was working well, but it wasn't. This central vacuum works so well that our old carpet looks and feels brand new. We love our central vacuum and would recommend them and Central Vacuum Stores for their outstanding help and experience.

Kevin Jackson

Recently purchased an Intercom M & S MC602 master, to replace my original, which was struck by lightening. It was as described and the shipping was super fast. The price was the cheapest I've seen. Everyone that I came in contact with were knowledgeable and pleasant. I would recommend their business to anyone and I would definitely do business with them again.



I ordered an AirVac AVR7500 to replace my current unit that had broken down. The service I received was very good and the price was much lower that what the local Houston AirVac reps quoted for the same unit. The unit arrived promptly and has was installed with no problems.

James Frazier

Living in Hawaii one does not always have access to the best supply of goods and services. When I tried to contact our origional supplier of our Central Vacuum System for replacement parts there was no response,and that is where Central Vacuum Stores came to our rescue. We could not believe the selections, and all on line. Competent staff responded to the request and the followup was clear and complete. Could not be more satisfied. J&J

Michelle Mickens

We bought a NuTone VX550 central vacuum system. I have been extremely happy with this more so than any other one we had in our other homes. We had a MD and a Beam and had problems with both. This was my last pass on a central vacuum and I finally found the jewel. I found the information that I needed on your site and it was very helpful.


i have a eureka central vac type EZ - 1 Model E1383 and I 'm having a hard time to find a replacement cord the one that goes along the wand (from the botton of power head to top ) it's about 32" can I order that online or do I have to go though a distribuitor ( they usually charge hefty shipping fees.I anyone has any tips on how to get this thing, I really appreciate.
thanks a lot

Debra J. -Central Vacuum Sales Manager

Thank you for your inquiry about powerhead replacement cords. Replacing a powerhead cord can be tricky! We don’t have images or explanations about powerhead cords on our web site due to numerous possibilities available. But the good news of that is we DO HAVE many types of cords, and it is the rare case where we cannot find a cord that will work for your powerhead.

The choices are varied even within one manufacturer and we usually need to ask our customers several questions to make sure they get exactly the right cord for their powerhead to ensure proper connection to their hose. We like to talk to you or if you can send a digital picture of what you already have, that is a great help!

In your email you already offered us several clues! The length of the cord was an indicator and the fact that you mentioned EZ; which tells us that your cord is part of an existing wand. If you can call us to answer a few questions (or email them to me); I am sure we have a replacement cord that will work for you!

1) Are there 2 or 3 prongs on the end of your cord (where it connects to the hose handle)?
2) Is the prong end rectangle shaped; t-shaped; or ½ stop sign shaped?
3) Measure the cord from the powerhead base to the prong end; what is the distance?
4) Is the cord wired in as part of the lower wand (usually it is if you mention EZ type) or is it hardwired into the powerhead and just clipped to the wand?
5) Is the cord separate from the wand (usually if your wand is a telescoping wand)?

Here are some cords facts!
The cords can be anywhere from 8”-41” in length.
The cords can have 2 or 3 prongs on the end that connects into a hose handle.
The prices of the cords can range from the cost of $14.95-$19.95 (cords alone); OR up to the range of $24.95 - $31.95 (if they are part of a wand that you must also have for complete connection).

Call us at 1-800-221-8227 and let us help you decipher all this information. The good news is we CAN help! And we offer a great flat shipping fee of only $8.95 for all orders under $60.00 (if you need more items and you spend more than $60.00; the shipping is FREE)!


This site is very nice these are all system is very nice.


Great website to find what I needed quickly. Delivery was fast and the product was amazing; got the power back in the vacuum! Would recommend the company for all your central vac needs.


Just finished retro-fitting a massive old victorian with a central vacuum system. It works great and I only wish we had done it years ago. Your company provided excellent service and a whole lot of information without all the hype and misinformation that is so common on the internet. Many thanks.

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