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May 15, 2006


Tom H

I have a Beam motorized power head for my central vac and it is crap. My carpet (not a high Pile)but good quality stops the beater bar and the belt spins on the motor shaft. It is barely hitting the carpet and it spins on the motor shaft. Who has a good electric motorized power head?



Sorry to hear about your powerhead. Beam's powerheads usually do a good job on most carpets, but there are always exceptions. I would recommend the Imperium Elite powerhead. It is manufactured in Italy and is the best powerhead we have come across. It is commercial grade, adjustable,comes in three sizes, and after selling more than 2,000 we have never had to replace a belt. Here is the link...

The newer Beam powerheads are really quite good, also. The "Serenity" model is manufactured in Germany and we have had good success with them. You will need to call us at 1-800-221-8227 to purchase this powerhead individually. Here is the link...

Either powerhead is available on our website

If you would like to order them and test them, we will be glad to refund your money within 30 days.


I want to have a hide-a-hose system installed with the Aqua-Air wet/dry vacuum system. I've been told it requires two sets of piping (side by side) with an inlet for the HH and the two for the AA. Has anyone done this? If so, have you had any problems?


This is the second time in a week someone has asked us about installing the Hide a Hose and Aqua-Aire together. Moisture should never enter the Hide a Hose tubing. While this type of installation is be possible, it would be difficult. This is because with the Aqua-Air you need to install traps to prevent liquid from coming back out the inlets. I do think with the Aqua-Air model 250,you can support both systems.The introduction of each valve should approach the trunk line from above, much like the Aqua-Aire inlet valves do, with the necessary 45 degree offset or (speed bumps)in place.Again, in no way should moisture be allowed to enter the Hide a Hose tubing!

However, your house is really large enough to consider installing two systems side by side. One for dry pickup with Hide-a-Hose inlets and one for wet pickup with the Aqua-Air.

Howard Lehrer

My experience with central vac has been most gratifying. Prompt customer service and excellant personnel.

John Schuster

We just purchased an electric vacum powerhead and are very happy with speedy service .The powerhead is more than we expected.It lays flat while vacuming under the beds.This is the first one we've owned that would do this.It works very well.Thanks,thanks. Five stars!!! Sincerely,John Schuster


Thanks John, I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying your Imperium 98329 Essential Tool Kit. This is one of our more popular tool kits and it is also very economical. We chose the best items for these Imperium kits and have heard many positive comments.


Outstanding service! The product arrived as described. When a small problem was encountered during installation, I called for support. I was amazed at the prompt response and a call-back from an installation technician. Problem was quickly solved and installation completed!

Thanks Central Vacuum for going above and beyond what I expected!!!

Dennis McCarthy

Thank you so much for your prompt, courteous, professional and accurate service! After twelve years, I wasn't sure I could get the part I need, but your team shipped in less than half the time it said it would, and we're back up and running! Thanks!


I have an Allegro system that is 3 1/2 years old. The powerhead seems to be wanting to short out. What worries me is that the only place I find info on this system (web) is on Ebay. Any suggestions, views?


I have a 12 year old Electrolux central vac. I began searching for new attachments and found them at Central Vacuum Stores. We called to talk to someone in customer service, so that we could be sure the attachments we were looking at would fit. The customer service representative was very courteous and very helpful. Our new vacuum attachments arrived in very short order. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service, and for your reasonable prices! I have centralvacuum.com bookmarked and will definitely buy from you all again. Barbara in North Carolina

val locker

When I needed filter bags for my Nutone central vac system, I searched the web and found your site. I was very impressed with the customer service I received placing my order. Extremely helpful and courteous staff. Thank you.

Nutone Central Vac Customer

I have put in two orders with your company over the past year and I am very pleased with the level of service, professionalism of your employees, and quality of your products. Also, your prices are very reasonable and affordable. If I ever need any additional supplies, I won't hesitate to call you again.




I found central vacuum with a nutone search. I ordered on line and was VERY pleased with the price and service. I will surely use them in the future.

Jane Ward

Thank you for your fast service and quick replacement of the mistaken order.
My husband, who does most of the vacuuming, was very impressed with the cover for the vacuum hose.

Sheryl Brooks

Very satisfied customer and would higly recommend Central Vacuum Stores. Staff members are always helpful and knowledgeable, and as a 'frugal' shopper, their prices are great. We bought a replacement Eureka 'Boss' central vacuum unit about three years ago from Central Vacuum Stores, and just recently, the unit stopped working and was smoking. I couldn't find my original invoice, but one call to Central Vacuum Stores verified my purchase date and that we were still under warranty. They identified the problem as a burned out motor, sent a new one, which we easily installed, and we sent the old one back. Unfortunately, the motor problem caused the built-in breaker to keep tripping even with the new motor, and another call to Central Vacuum Stores identified the problem and they sent us a replacement control panel. Everything was received within a few days, which was great as we were in the process of getting our house ready for sale and really needed our vacuum. Thanks CentralVacuumStores for the prompt and efficient service. Will definitely buy from them again.

Nancy S

I have had my system for over a year and needed replacement parts. I overuse the attachments due to shedding dogs. I used the online chat from this website and received excellent service and advice. I got everything I needed and the extras I purchased made the use of my central vac system much more enjoyable. Fantastic service from this website.

Jack Gilbert

I recently purchased a central vacuum system from Central Vacuum Stores. I was hesitant about ordering a system over the internet so when I found the best value for a system at Central Vacuum Stores I call the manufacturing company to check on CVS. They assured me CVS was highly reliable and I should be comfortable ordering from them. I was able to install the system myself and it was a low cost, highly efficient solution to a problem I thought would be expensive and a require a lot of time.

I highly recommend CVS.
Jack Gilbert

R Ehlers

I have ordered 2 units , one for a yacht years ago, and one for our new RV recently I love these units, as they are so convenient, space savings and great suction power. Thank you .

D. Hollerith

Working with Central Vacuum has been awesome. Nt only did they deliver a high-quality product (Miele Vacuum Cleaner), but they have been available for support/assistance ever since. I couldn't be more pleased!

Glenn B.

Thanks for your prompt service and honesty! The first beater bar that was shipped didnt work. (manufacturers defect, I think)I called and ordered another one and was hesitant because i did'nt want to own two.(one broke and one good) just as promised the second one was shipped with a return authorization and I shipped the broken one back. my credit card was credited the cost of the original promptley and without me having to call, sit on hold, e-mail or anything! this kind of service is almost un heard of in the internet shopping world.I thank you, and I will order from you again.
God Bless all you guys and gals.

Chris Paulsen

Thanks for all your help deciding which unit to purchase.

My house was already plumbed for central vacuum so installation was easy. I used the 2x2 adapters and am happy with my choice. The adapters fit great and the 2” PVC is very easy to obtain. The two canister design is not difficult to install and has much better suction than the vacuum in my last house. My wife and others that have used the vacuum are very impressed.

One mistake I did make that I will be correcting is I put a non powered outlet in the basement by the vacuum. I can’t use the powered hose that I use for the rest of the basement. I will be changing that outlet to an outlet with the power connection even if I don’t hook up the power and use it as a utility connection.

I also want to run another outlet in my garage between the two doors in the front so I can clean a vehical in the driveway.


David Wilson

Your price for the entire central unit was about the same as for just the motor locally. When the unit arrived (I was expecting it about a week before it actually came) it took my son and I about 20 minutes to have it up and running. My wife loves it because it really has more power than our old unit (this one has 2 motors instead of just one). CVS is great to deal with and super bang for the buck. Thanks so much.
David Wilson, Greensboro, NC

Dr. Keith E Watson

I purchased an Imperium Deluxe Pro a few weeks ago and we've been happy with it. We have an American Eskimo dog and if anyone has seen one of these animals they are white and very fluffy (because he is so attractive everyone thinks he is a female but that's another story). So these dogs leave rather long white hair on everything--what could be worse right? The vacuum power attachment gets a little clogged but it's not bad. The design of the rotating head seems to help because it directs everything towards the center. Our previous vacuum was terrible because the hair would get jammed into the ends and eventually the spindle would stop rotating. Then I had to use pliers to remove the mass. Needless to say, our last vacuum bit the dust.

I still have to remove the hair after every long vacuuming session with the Imperium but it's a matter of just picking off the few hairs that get wrapped around the middle of the spindle. No big deal. Could be a lot worse!

By the way, despite the hair, Eskies are very clean, very intelligent, make great watch dogs, and of course very lovable.

DucHien Vu

I bought a CV15000 from CVS two years ago and have been very happy with it. I recently had a control board failure and Brad quickly helped me get the CV15000 back to working order. Count me in as a satisfied customer that has been recommending CVS to all my friends.

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